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Bus Accidents in Syracuse and the United States

Bus Accidents in Syracuse and the United States

The reality is that public transportation is necessary for many people in the community bus and is critical for ensuring the safety of our children as they head to school each day. Tens of thousands of children are transported each day in the Syracuse area and millions around the country are taken by bus. Many people in the community rely on buses to transport them to work, shopping and on other activities for their daily commuting needs. Bus accidents while rare, cause many injuries in the Syracuse area and are responsible for multiple deaths. You need a Syracuse Bus accident lawyer on your side to ensure that your case is handled with care and the you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to under the law.

The United States Department of Transportation keeps records of all crashes. In 2009, there were 60,000 large truck and bus accidents in the United States causing 93,000 injuries. In 2010, for bus crashes alone, there were 13,000. Many more pedestrians and bus patrons waiting to ride the bus, are hit by buses as they wait. This adds up to hundreds of thousands of passengers, drivers and pedestrians who suffer nonfatal and fatal injuries. As you can imagine, buses have a higher standard of care then ordinary drivers and they are required to comply with additional state and federal laws to ensure the safety of people.

Bus Accident Causes

There are many causes for bus accidents, but they frequently involve other cars who could be totally or partially at fault. Despite the millions of miles traveled each year safely, sometimes bus drivers are negligent in the operation of their vehicles and endanger the safety of their passengers, and of other motorists and pedestrians.

If you are been injured by a bus and you believe that the driver was doing any of the following, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who will defend your rights and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve

  • Failure to follow warning signs
  • Speeding
  • Driver Fatigue and Distraction
  • Poor weather and road conditions
  • Intoxication and drug use
  • Bus rollovers
  • Improper use of bus lane
  • Blind spots or low visibility
  • Mechanical failures and defects
  • Failing to stop for loading bus
  • Failure to yield or merging lanes

Laws protecting passengers and other motorists from buses.

Bus drivers are required to have a commercial drivers license (CDL) to drive a vehicle. As a common carrier, they are required to undergo extensive training and continued test to ensure the driver is safe to transport the public on a bus. The Bus Uniform Standards and Enhanced Safety Act requires bus companies to monitor their drivers and beagles for safety performance. The Bus Uniform Act is meant to punish us operators who negligently perform their job and to take away their CDL license if necessary.

Some tragic accidents have taken place right here in Onondaga County due to the negligence of the bus driver. So if you believe you were injured due to a bus company’s negligence, then you should contact a lawyer to review your case.

The New York Transportation Law sets forth additional laws and rules to ensure that common carriers are providing safe service to passengers, other motorists and pedestrians. Article 4 of the Transportation Law sets forth the requirements for common carriers and sets standards for the industry including bus maintenance facilities, standards for long and short hauls, instructions for stopping and railroads, and other safety requirements to protect your rights.

Furthermore, bus drivers operating with the required CDL must carry the minimum amount of insurance to cover liability for injury or death in case of a crash. This means that injured victims may be entitled to compensation from various parties, including the individual driver, employers, corporate entities, and their respective insurers.

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