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Blaze Jelled Chafing Fuel

Blaze Jelled Chafing Fuel

The Snyder Law Firm is currently investigating a claim on behalf of a client who was injured while using a can of Blaze Jelled Chafing Fuel. We are seeking witnesses and potential claimants for incidents involving incendiary splatterring of the fuel.

There are multiple incidents involving similar products and the attorney generals of other states have been taking action against similar products.

Canada has already banned this product pursuant to this link:

The United States Consumer Product Safety Division has also had reports:

The client in our case suffered first and second degree burns on her legs and arms causing severe pain and suffering. The product also caused damage to our client’s home.

If you have been injured by this product or a similar product or have witnessed a can of the Blaze Jelled Chafing Fuel react in a way other than what is expected, please contact us immediately using the form below.