Car Crash Medical Bills

How do I pay for medical bills after an auto accident?

Medical Payments

In New York, no-fault insurance is obligated under the law to pay for all reasonable medical expenses from a car accident. The no-fault carrier is responsible for paying medical expenses submitted to them at the no-fault rate.

As the injured party, you are not responsible the bills and have no duty to pay the difference between what no-fault pays and what you doctor is charging.

However, if no-fault denies a particular payment, you are then responsible for that payment. Any time you go to a doctor, hospital, for diagnostic testing or any other medical provider, you should let them know that no-fault is responsible for payment and provide them the assigned a claim number if you know it.

You should send the insurance company any bill you receive immediately. If you don’t submit the bills within 45 days of the date of service, you will become personally responsible for paying it at the full rate.

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