Car Replacement

Car Replacement

If your car was damaged because of the other driver, what can I expect?

If your car was damaged in a collision that was not your fault, the other driver may be responsible for:

  1. The cost of repairs to the car – your car should be repaired to the condition that it was originally. Insurance companies attempt to diminish their costs, and unfortunately, if the costs to repair your car is more than the value of your car, your car will be totaled meaning they will only receive your car’s value;
  2. Rental charges during the time that your car was being repaired; and
  3. Towing and storage for taking your car from the scene of the accident; and
  4. Replacement or diminishment in value, if your car is “totaled”, then you will only receive the value of your car according to the Kelly Blue Book.

We will do our best to make sure that the insurance company is giving you everything that you deserve.

If you have questions about the damage to your car caused by the negligent operation of a motor vehicle of the other driver, call us at (315)451-3040.

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