Construction Law

Construction Law Attorney, David Snyder

Attorney David Snyder is dedicated to providing clients with legal services that are cost effective, to help your company’s bottom line. Because we are dedicated to keeping your representation affordable, we will do our best to help you by using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) whenever possible. The Snyder Law Firm is familiar with the Rules of the American Arbitration Association including mediation and arbitration.

The Snyder Law Firm represents clients in the construction industry through mediation and arbitration of disputes, including:

  • Construction Contract Disputes
  • Construction quality issues
  • Construction Delay Disputes
  • Construction Quality and Defect Claims
  • Construction Bond Disputes
  • Construction Lien
  • Perfomance Bond Diputes

Arbitration in New York is not required by law. However, construction contracts often have arbitration clauses routinely built in and require mediation as a condition to proceeding with binding arbitration.

Attorney David Snyder is familiar with construction litigation and arbitration. During the course of his practice he has represented subcontractors and contractors for problems arising under their contracts and on the job.

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