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Workers Compensation Claims

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Syracuse, NY


The Snyder Law Firm is dedicated to assisting injured workers recover compensation for injuries to the extremities. These injuries can include not only broken bones but also injuries to tendons and connective tissue. Oftentimes these injuries can take many years to heal. If this is the case for you, you will want a lawyer by your side who will fight for the maximum compensation that is due to you. Whether it is a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), bursitis or tendinitis in the rotator cuff, or to the Ulnar Collateral Ligament or lateral epicondylitis in the elbow, your injury needs to be treated and you need the time that is necessary to fully recover.

At the Snyder Law Firm, we are experienced in handling Workers’ Compensation for injuries sustained on the job. In New York, if you are injured while on the job, you have a right to receive compensation. The New York Workers’ Compensation Law is designed to ensure that workers receive medical care and wages for injuries sustained while on the job.

Whether your claim is for an accident or occupational disease, we will evaluate your claim to determine the best course of action for your case. We treat each client with respect and represent each client with the utmost care.

Attorney David Snyder has many years experience handling Worker’s Compensation cases. Mr. Snyder began his career as a Workers’ Compensation insurance defense attorney. During this period he handled hundreds of cases and thousands of hearings where he witnessed firsthand the types of arguments that claimants would present. From this experience, Mr. Snyder is able to evaluate whether or not your claim is viable, and if it is, how to present it in the best possible light.

Attorney Snyder is experienced at handling claims from the inception and will help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case. Whether your injury occurred because of an accident on the job, or if you developed carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of the nature of your employment, the Snyder Law Firm is dedicated to fighting for you.

If you have been injured in a car accident, slip & fall, or other accident that has resulted in a knee injury, shoulder injury or elbow injury, you should call a lawyer you trust.  Protect your family and call a lawyer skilled in courtroom representation from the legal team at the Snyder Law Firm. Your case will be treated with the priority it deserves.

The attorneys at the Snyder Law Firm, PLC do not take any fee until you received money for the lost wages that you earned. Attorney Snyder’s fees are set by the Worker’s Compensation Board and approved by the worker’s compensation judge.

Neck and Back Injury Text

If you suffered a neck injury or back injury, whether a work accident, car accident or through someone else’s negligence, such as a slip and fall, trip and fall, auto accident or construction accident, it is advised that you contact a lawyer who will fight for your rights. At the Snyder Law Firm we assist you in making your claim for damages in whatever court of law we can. Neck injuries and back injuries are often some of the most difficult cases because they involve complex medicine. Attorney Dave Snyder has many years of experience studying in handling claims involving the back and neck. These types of injuries are difficult to handle from a medical perspective and will oftentimes take many years to heal. Oftentimes, even after many years, these injuries do not resolve. It is in these situations the you need a lawyer who will be by your side to help you recover for these injuries where a lifetime of medical care and equipment is necessary in order to live.

In serious injury cases, where your expected economic loss is great, it is critical that you have legal representation that will fight for the compensation you deserve.  When you lose time from work as a result of a neck or back injury, you are entitled to your fair compensation for your lost income under the New York State Worker’s Compensation law. Contact a Syracuse New York Workers’ Compensation lawyer at the Snyder Law Firm, PLLC if you have suffered a neck injury or back injury and require experienced and knowledgeable legal representation to fight on your behalf.

Syracuse Nerve Damage Workers’ Comp Attorneys

Many different work accidents can result in a nerve or tendon injury, and these often have lifelong consequences. If you were injured in a lifting accident, work-related car accident, or due to repetitive stress, you can seek workers’ compensation benefits for medical expenses, lost wages, disability, and more machinery accident,

Contact a Syracuse nerve damage workers’ comp lawyer to discuss your legal options. Attorney David Snyder has more than 10 years experience handling complex work injury cases. Together with our staff, we will provide you with effective and results-oriented legal representation to help you on the road to recovery for your work injury.

Nerve Damage Treatment

If you have had a work injury resulting in nerve damage, it can be hard to diagnose and difficult to treat. If you have suffered nerve injury or nerve damage at work, it is important to seek the best medical care possible. We can help you navigate the Syracuse medical community to help you find a doctor who will help you with your injuries and possibly help with chronic pain management. Our firm can help you explore options for seeking medical treatment from a doctor you trust

Types of Nerve and Tendon Injuries

Contact a work injury lawyer if you have suffered any of the following nerve or tendon injuries at work:

Back Injuries

Neck Injuries

Knee Injuries

Arm Injuries

Leg Injuries

Ulnar nerve injuries

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Cubital tunnel syndrome


Tennis elbow

Nerve compression

Spinal cord injuries




Repetitive stress injuries

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